About Us

About Us

White Star Foundation has been supporting not-for-profit initiatives helping children facing adversity since 2007. To date, four of these initiatives have been established successfully as independent, not-for-profit foundations operating in Poland. They are all members of the White Star Foundation Group which, in addition to White Star Foundation, includes Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland,Katalyst Education, and Katalyst Engineering.

The mission of White Star Foundation is to be a leader in social entrepreneurism, primarily in Poland, with a heavy emphasis on leveling the playing field for children facing adversity.

WSF achieves its mission by turning proven or innovative ideas into organizations that implement scalable solutions to specific challenges children face in today’s complicated world.

How We Work

We are not-for-profit entrepreneurs.  We prefer not to simply invest in NFP organizations, but also to participate in conceptualizing, starting and building the organizations to reach scale.  We recruit the management team and work with them to build each foundation with the goal of making them completely or almost completely independent.  We provide funding until each foundation is running and stabilized with a strong management team and a history of providing high-quality services to our beneficiaries.  We both continue to invest and help them recruit volunteers to optimize their services to the fullest extent appropriate to the relevant foundation.

Our Goals

Level the Playing Field:  To inspire, grow and nurture foundations that help level the playing field for children facing adversity by providing increased access to the same resources as their more advantaged peers in order to enhance their learning, health, future opportunities and over-all well-being.

Increase Volunteerism:  To increase volunteer participation in charitable causes.  While volunteerism is growing in Poland, there is not yet a strong tradition of participation in charitable organizations. Through education and building awareness, a primary goal of White Star Foundation is to grow interest and participation of volunteers in our not-for-profit organizations.

Increase Charitable Giving:  To increase the amount and quality of charitable giving.  Clearly, one solution is to create foundations that are deserving of contributions.  Another is to increase transparency of NFP activities in Polish foundations.

Create an Army of NFP Managers and Leaders:  Not-for-profit management requires unique skills, experience and priorities. There is little, if any, course-work or training in the Polish education system to prepare NFP Managers.  One of our goals is to train a large number of NFP leaders in Poland. Our plan is to create organizations that will provide long-term opportunities for these managers.

Our Areas of Impact

Child Healthcare, Child Welfare, Education, Social Entrepreneurism, STEM/STEAM Education

The White Star Foundation Group

White Star Foundation
National Court Register Number: 0000286284
Date of Registration: October 8, 2007
Management Board
Brian Patterson, President
Katarzyna Serkis, Vice President

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Poland
National Court Register Number: 0000521717
Date of Registration: September 11, 2014
Management Board
Brian Patterson, President
Katarzyna Serkis, Vice President

Katalyst Education
National Court Register Number: 0000558853
Date of Registration: May 21, 2015
Management Board
Brian Patterson, President
Katarzyna Serkis, Vice President

Katalyst Engineering
National Court Register Number: 0000561681
Date of Registration: June 9, 2015
Management Board
Katarzyna Serkis, President
Christopher Sweeney, Vice President
Anna Kościelak, Board Member

OpenStax Poland
National Court Register Number: 0000738271
Date of Registration: July 3, 2018
Management Board
Christopher Sweeney, President
Katarzyna Serkis, Board Member
Marika Mstowska-Klaub, Board Member